Have you ever found an object that you just love? It sets your heart fluttering, and you just know you want another and another. The collection is born. It’s all about the hunt which is not only for the collector but family and friends who can join in and make a birthday or Christmas even better with a well thought out gift.

I love adding to family or friends collections. Finding a piece that they haven’t yet found. Knowing the present is a hit even before they open it. I also like collectors. In an age of ‘less is more’ and clutter free homes it’s all about the displaying of these objects. Setting a collection up to make your home have the WOW factor. No point having a collection, or addiction that lives in a box at the bottom of a wardrobe.

I’ve set this up to inspire you to collect and display. It’s never too late to start a collection. Get ideas so you can start displaying the collection so it has a place in your home- giving your place a personality. Or just be nosey and see what crazy collections are happening around the world. Drop me a line, tell me what you are collecting…… you never know you could meet a fellow collector who has that piece you want.


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