Marbles, marbles, marbles

IMG_2095Now that my children have stopped that terrible baby/ toddler stage of putting everything into their mouths, we can get out and play with, my new collection of marbles.   Ah marbles, is there anything about you I don’t love? I don’t think so.  I love that they are glass.  I love that some are rare.  I love that they have been used for generations as a past time.  I love that we refer to them with names such as Kong, Steeler, King Kong and Cats Eyes. I love that kids for generations have learnt the art of negotiating , risk taking, resilience and loss over playing marbles in the school grounds.

I bet there aren’t many toys that have been around as long, and have been universally as popular as marbles.  Marbles have been found in archaeological sites such as Mohenjo-daro, in Pakistan which was built 2600 BCE.  Marbles began being marketed in 1800 in Germany.  Countries around the world have variations of the games with marbles. There is even a World Marbles Championship in England. This has been going since 1932!!!! It starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts until midnight on good Friday. So it’s on right now!!!!!!! Exciting.


As for why I am collecting marbles?  Since I wrote about my mums marble collection, , which was three years ago, it got me thinking about the simple things I enjoyed as a child.  My mother also thinks that a lot of marbles are old and valuable. With this ever changing plastic toy world isn’t it great to share a game that your children’s great grandparents probably played? Now, when I come across a bag at a school fair or garage sale, I buy them.  I recently bought the beautiful jar to store them in.  I love the jar so much that they do take pride of place on top of my cubby holes.  Don’t they look awesome?IMG_2097

Well you can imagine how excited I was to have a friend visit my home for the first time and admire and then play with my marble collection. Mark, I hope to share your future marble collection on collectable

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