Wooden Tennis Racquet Collection

I love going into quirky stores that sell unusual things, especially if it has a collection on display.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was visiting The Beach Store in Paekakariki on the Kapiti Coast. John and Bridey are the owners and they certainly have a fantastic eye for stocking products.


I loved turning the corner of their well spaced out shop and looking up at the stair IMG_1989well to find Johns impressive wooden tennis racquet collection.  He has bought the majority off Trademe and from second hand stores.  Although he likes to play tennis, his son is meant to be the best at tennis, at this stage.


It got me thinking about when the wooden racquet became obsolete.  From the 1970’s into the 1980’s professional tennis players began to use modern racquets.  The last grand slam was won in 1989 by Mecir with a wooden racquet. Of course the metal racquet changed the way tennis was played with the graphite racquets being stronger, lighter, and more powerful.


IMG_1992You can tell John has the design eye with the well spaced out racquets and lovely choice of brass tacks that defiantly enhance the collection.  He has commented that there have been many excited squeals from customers (especially Americans) who haveIMG_1994 coveted some of the rarer racquets and have offered to buy them. At this stage John is not interested. His is keen to play with them and will in the future.

It makes me wonder, what sporting equipment will become obsolete that we use nowadays that our children or grandchildren will collect?

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One thought on “Wooden Tennis Racquet Collection

  1. So cute with these wooden tennis racquet

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