Rainbow Loom

It’s the end of the summer holidays for us.  Schools back this week.  Everyone in the household is emotional.  Excitement of new teachers, classes and friendships to be made. Sadness of no more days full of freedom, lunch box making and schedules to follow.


I absolutely love school holidays.  Filling days with play, sunshine, trips to the beach and hobbies.  One hobby that my children love is creating Rainbow Looms. How thrilled they were to receive them as Christmas presents. Away they went, creating new bracelets or the longest rainbow loom ever.  However I can’t stand them! They actually drive me crazy as I vacuum up the pieces and try to lecture the children about the environmental impact of those plastic pieces of elastic.  I am trying to bite my tongue though as its nice for the big boys to slow down a bit and sit following instructions off Youtube on how to create the next pattern. I also love to receive them as presents.

If you haven’t heard about Rainbow Looms, it was created by Cheong Choon Ng. He arrived in the USA in 1991 from China to attend University.  He graduated in mechanical engineering and was employed as a crash-test engineer for Nissan. Cheng Choon Ng thought up the Rainbow Loom idea after watching his daughters create rubber-band bracelets. He made the device (a plastic contraption to hold the elastic bands) to help the girls create the brackets easier. It was a hit with his daughters and then the neighbourhood kids.  His wife and him put up the ten thousand dollars to start the business and I guess the rest is history.

I thought I would share how we have decided to share my children creations.  It seemed a waste that their hobby sat in boxes in the bedrooms. The garden looks amazing, the trees colourful and with all the visitors that summer brings, at least their hobby can be shared and appreciated.


Please note the apple that is hanging in the background. Two bites have been taken out of the apple and it’s still hanging! Thanks Alfie.

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom

  1. So nice to see a collectable pride post pop up in my inbox. I’ve missed your posts! Love the creations and their place in the garden. Craft turning into art.

  2. Margaret Domett on said:

    What a good start for the year Let us have a lot more You inspire us

  3. Janet Lucas on said:

    Hi Alice HappyNew Year. Laughed hysterically when I read about your kids and loom bands. I know I will regret it but I just tipped the load into the bin. Felt we were sinking in the things. Hey come over some time and check out Georges Beano collection. He has been reading them since he was six so has hundreds of the comics under his bed and some very treasured annuals. He is a master mind expert on Denis the menace!!!


    Janet x Sent from my iPhone


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