Queen Agee jars take 2!

My year of despair is over! I am back writing posts about wonderful collections that have been displayed in beautiful ways.


Having just done up my kitchen I bought a rimu technology table from the 1970’s.  It came from the local high school and has been stored in a garage for the past forty plus years.  Underneath had years of brightly coloured chewing gum and on top was graffiti and paint for good measure.  After sanding and oiling it, it takes pride and place in my kitchen.


When it was delivered to me I couldn’t believe it was even better than the photos.  There were two things I loved about it. Firstly the lip that set the bench from the storage area of things like coffee canisters. The second thing I love is the storage shelf that fits all my Agee jars.  It was a total fluke and wasn’t planned.  I stood looking at it when my husband and I lifted the 2.7m bench into place. I wondered what I could do with the shelf.  Suddenly running over and popping the Agee jars into the shelf I screamed with excitement as they fitted!


I am so proud of my Queen Agee jars and now seeing them every day is a delight.

PS: My link about the history of Queen Agee jars http://collectablepride.com/2012/08/20/agee-queen-jars/


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2 thoughts on “Queen Agee jars take 2!

  1. Great to have you back Alice!!! Fantastic read…love the bench and the collection.

  2. Janet Lucas on said:

    Hi Alice I am glad you are back. I was actually Wondering about your posts last week.

    I really enjoy reading them. I love the way you celebrate the beauty in the small, everyday things. I thinks publisher would relish the opportunity To turn your posts into a gorgeous book.

    Warm regards

    Janet x

    Ps. I have a fetish for found furniture So am very envious of your new shelf!

    Sent from my iPhone


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