Noah’s Dunnys

I am always overwhelmed by Christmas with children.  I LOVE Christmas but I do find there are so many toys, not enough space to store them and kids not appreciating all of their loot enough for my standards. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that can relate. So when I went into Noah’s bedroom I gasped with excitement at his collection and how it was displayed.


Doesn’t it look great? The toys that he is into most have pride of place, and then the rest of his toys stand proudly, easy to reach and look amazing.  A lot of the toys that he has collected are Dunny’s. What is a Dunny I hear you say?  When you buy photoa Dunny (which is a plastic bunny that has been designed by artists from many different backgrounds) it is wrapped in photofoil so you don’t know what Dunny you are buying. They are collectors items and hugely popular with children and adults alike.  Clever marketing right!  There is a theme going on here as I have written about other toys similar to this marketing campaign.

Hopefully Noah’s collection will inspire you to find that cool piece of furniture and enhance your home.

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One thought on “Noah’s Dunnys

  1. That’s a great idea and yes, it does look awesome! I have the same problems with christmas. I often find that the children in my family do not really appreciate all the toys they receive. They’ll fall in love with one, and not play with the rest. I like buying them something other than toys (bikes, basketballs, etc.) so they can get active and have a break from sitting and playing with action figures.

    Thanks for the idea though! I’ll have to share it with my sister!

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