Dad’s Astronaut Patches

Well, it’s been a long time since I have written about a collection.  I have had an aversion to this as I have been wanting to write about my dad’s collection and haven’t been able to do it. This is because since my last post my father died. It was unexpected after two weeks in hospital.  Those two weeks felt like a nightmare. Actually I still feel like I am in a nightmare as he isn’t around.  On Sunday we had a memorial for him.  It was a beautiful sunny day and all his friends and family were there. Great food, lovely wine, he would have loved to be there, and I guess that is the saddest thing of all, he won’t ever enjoy those occasions again as he is gone.

Why did I not write about his collections while he was living?  I know he loved this collection, so why didn’t I sit down with my little note book and probe to find out more? I guess you never think someone close to you will die.


Dads collection sits proudly in the dining room.  It catches every visitors eye and can be quite the topic of conversation, especially for space enthusiasts.  He visited the United States of America in the early 1980’s with a company that made the some uniforms for NASA.  At Cape Canaveral they watched the space shuttle leave.  There were some presentations for the ‘important’ guests there. They all received the patches from the space suits and signatures of the astronauts. There was one left over and they chose to give it to my father as he was from New Zealand, so far away.  Signatures include Scott Carpenter, Allan Shepard and others if you look carefully.


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One thought on “Dad’s Astronaut Patches

  1. Janet and Bob NZSBCT on said:

    Dear Alice So wonderful to get a collectable pride email from you. I did miss themvery fitting to feature your dad’s amazing collection of Astronaut patches. His interest in space and the astronauts highlights how some people’s collections really do reflect their passion, work and dreams. Very few New Zealanders have seen real astronaut patches let alone been to Cape Canaveral and seen a rocket launch and been feted as a VIP guest. That must have been a real career highlight for him.

    Hope you are well.

    Kind regards

    Janet X

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