Rugs and Carpets


Are they rugs, or are they carpets? Call them what you want but it is often said in Kashmir folklore that a home is incomplete without a soul – a Kashmir carpet.  Well any carpet or rug really.  It’s like art for the floor! And art that actually does a job- keeps the house warm.  What’s not to love about this wonderful collection?

CIMG3772Margie loves collections, and this one seems to keep expanding. You can always fit one more rug in, right Margie?  Margie bought her first carpet at the department store James Smiths 38 years ago.  They weren’t in vogue and were expensive.  She saved hardCIMG3774 and bought two.  The James Smiths buyer for carpets was Richard Pointon, who she has just bought her most recent one from.  Margie describes it as a full circle.


On her first trip to Turkey, 35 years ago, Margie bought her next carpet.  She had to get rid of clothes to squeeze it into her luggage.  As we all know, you can’t get a rug shop to send a carpet home, just in case they swap the one you’ve chosen with a cheaper one.  Not a nice surprise for you when it arrives.


The silk carpet is from Kashmere.  She remembers carrying it back on the plane and a security guard at the airport pointed his gun at her and told her to put it in the hold. Ah, fond memories.


In Singapore Margie was a woman on a mission.  She went to find herself a carpet and did her research before she left.  Once there she found herself in a warehouse (tip from a local) full of the most beautiful, handmade creations.  She searched through the amazing pieces and came across one the right size and more importantly fell in love with it.  Of course she couldn’t carry it home as well as her clothes etc, so had to send all her clothes and other purchases home and carried the carpet as luggage. Dedication!


Dunbar Sloane has seen a few carpet impulse buys from Margie.  Auctions are great for that.  If you are looking at this blog thinking, I would love to have a rug but my home is carpeted, well I have good news for you.  It is very ‘in’ to have rugs over carpet.  Buy up now as they won’t be around forever and are very cheap when you consider what they are and how much time and effort has gone into each piece.


Carpets are such a great investment.  In this busy world the art of hand crafting a rug or carpet is dying.  Machine made rugs are on the increase, and not only that, manufacturers are trying to imply that they are hand made. Therefore I have added a couple of links so you can tell the difference between machine made and hand made.



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2 thoughts on “Rugs and Carpets

  1. I would love to have an old kilim type rug in my lounge I think they are absolute works of art, but i’m always quite daunted by the range in prices etc. I shall definatly look up the how to tell if it’s handmade link. we do have a small kilim my husband bought from a antique store years ago which does service on top of a chest of drawers; i’d have mini kilims over doilies any day of the week x

    • They are expensive, but if you think it is hand made and does not only look good but keeps the room warm then it’s so special to save up and buy it. I only have three but it is my intention to save and buy once we have spare money…… not really sure if that ever happens but here’s hoping.

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